For you. Not you, you.

by Silk Animus

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raps from the treasure chest in the octangular room, no one knows its me.
debut project coming october 14th


Resting on my sophisticated anguish
I dog ear book pages, so they can see where I stopped at
LANGSTON HUGHES underarm, always ready for combat
I hope my urn get pushed over by a posh cat
I didn't wanna be the best rapper of the bottom feeders
I never made art for the wave riders and novice readers
My house got a new plant today
U wore shorts that look like pants today
These pleasantries took on the form of hand grenades
I read kafka just to call things kafka-esque
I'm the most happening in your small town bloggers nest
Radio static became a background instruments
Spending my time in a passed down increment
I stayed away from the ignorant conversation topics
To focus on realistic occupation options
Youre every phobic in the book, I'm ever phobia I've read
I feel like Karl Marx so how is socialism dead
Dream in dysopias with unfamiliar architecture
No millenial horticulture, I dont agree with your business ventures
I need constant reassurance, scuttling metapurpose, I wonder if this heaven's got a circus
No more coffee breath, or melancholy pets
And all the clowns look like I do but evreryone still likes you
Where everything is deep n artsy
Got a closet full of vintage stockings
Jesus come around just to say my music poppin
I write things too familiar from my past consumpton
Now i can only write songs about my rap assumptions
Me and this couch feel permanent
The ground feel like al the rotting bodies are burning it
Always had an aversion to furnaces
The elephant in the room is getting poached and stripped of ivory
If im bedridden, have open mike eagle in my IV
the room to breathe in shrinking accordingly, but a platter filled with assorted cheese is getting passed out to some unsuspecting orderlies, ooh!

theres poison in there, they dont know it, but i do....


released October 1, 2016
doctor illingsworth on da boards.



all rights reserved


Silk Animus Sacramento, California

Rap music has left me inspired and with a sinking fulfillment I cannot get otherwise. I hope u still listen to it.

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